Kelly Clarkson Adorably Helps Gay Couple Get Engaged

Kelly Clarkson Adorably Helps Gay Couple Get Engaged

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During a meet-and-greet after a recent show, Kelly Clarkson helped one very lucky fan pop the big question to his boo.

Alex Malerba set up a surprise proposal to his boyfriend, Justin, who assumed they were simply posing for a photo with the pop star. What he didn’t know is that Malerba had schemed with Clarkson, and got down on one knee after the photo was taken.

Clarkson knew Malerba was a very special fan cause during the entire show because he lip synced along perfectly to all her songs.

“Kelly actually called me out for being so dedicated and how I helped her remember the words to some songs by watching my lips move,” Malerba told Entertainment Tonight.

He continues, “She asked my name and told me she loved me. After the show, I saw her doing a meet-and-greet.”

“I told the security and staff that I was the one she was talking about on stage and they all knew and said they would ask her if she would meet me. My heart was racing. After she gave approval, I went back for the photograph.”

Malerba said his “heart was racing” as he approached Clarkson. He decided to share with the singer that he was planning on proposing to his boyfriend during the show, but it would be better if she could help.

“She looked at me and said: ‘Go get him now! Let’s do it!’”

What happened next is pretty darn cute, especially Clarkson’s reaction when she finds out they have been together for four years.

After Justin accepted his boo’s proposal, crying tears of joy, Clarkson gushed over the emotional moment.

“Oh my God, I’m so happy,” she said. “I’m like a part of it. That was so beautiful. Congratulations.”

When she discovered the couple had been together for four years, however, Clarkson couldn’t resist serving up a joke.

“Damn,” she replied. “It’s about damn time somebody [proposed],” she said. “I’m like, ‘Shit or get off the pot.’”

“After all this it has been incredible and of course we hope she would attend the wedding!! We love her,” Malerba added. “Also, it was months of savings to purchase the perfect Tiffany wedding ring to make sure he knows how much he is worth it to me!”

What the adorable Kelly Clarkson gay engagement here:

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