Kathy Griffin Earns 10s Across the Board for a Pitch-Perfect Kellyanne Conway Impersonation

Kathy Griffin Earns 10s Across the Board for a Pitch-Perfect Kellyanne Conway Impersonation

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Kathy Griffin returned to television last night, not as herself but as one of Donald Trump’s most loyal minions. Griffin portrayed Kellyanne Conway on The President Show, Comedy Central’s weekly sketch comedy skit skewering the president and his administration. Kathy Griffin’s Kellyanne Conway impersonation has won her rave reviews on social media, scoring her 10s, 10s, 10s across the board!

For the show’s “Make American Great-A-Thon” special, actor Anthony Atamanuik as Donald Trump introduced the “lone survivor of the Bowling Green Massacre” to the audience. Griffin as Conway then performed her “act,” which essentially involved her giving a positive spin on the atrocious actions of some of “the worst people in history.”

When she dished about Jeffrey Dahmer, she said, “Everybody needs food to survive,” and, “If your grocery store is closed, why not try a bus station?”

Funny stuff, right?

One of the best digs was made regarding that time Conway endorsed Ivanka Trump’s brand, raising ethics concerns and possibly breaking the law. In the sketch, Griffin’s Conway joked, “In my capacity as a ‘private citizen,’ I love the Ivanka Trump line of shoes and bags. They’re perfect for every woman who is an employee but who isn’t really acting like they are in the government and really on the clock, kind of like me.”

Part of what made Griffin’s Kellyanne Conway impersonation so flawless was her look and styling. Griffin donned the same Gucci outfit Conway (infamously) wore to the inauguration, her makeup was scary and she wore a ratty wig that perfectly mimicked Conway’s messy hair.

We previously listed five things Griffin would need to do to make her Kellyanne Conway impersonation pitch-perfect, and we feel like she heard us!

Watch Kathy Griffin’s Kellyanne Conway impersonation here:

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