Kellyanne Conway’s Stand-Up Act is Here, and It’s Horrible (Video)

Kellyanne Conway’s Stand-Up Act is Here, and It’s Horrible (Video)

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Before she was Kellyanne Conway, she was Kellyanne Fitzpatrick.  And in 1998, long before she was employed by the Donald Trump campaign, she did some stand-up for a children’s charity. It’s pretty much like a car crash, really horrible but you can’t help but look.

The video begins with a lot of name dropping. We are guessing these are important Republicans or something. She goes to make a lot of jokes, including admitting she is a lawyer. This wasn’t meant to be a joke, but after watching her lie on behalf of Trump time and time again, we think this is the funniest part of the whole bit.

One good joke she makes but doesn’t quite land is, “I think if all of Larry King’s ex-wives watching his show, his ratings would triple. That’s how few people watch his show.”

One commenter writes, “Oh there is no doubt that comedy is hard and doing one for a custom charity would be hard… but I’m sorry, there is no comedic talent in her. The jokes weren’t good, the delivery was awful and, just like today, she is unable to make you believe she actually believes what she’s saying. Judging on this, even if she had a year to work on this set it’d still suck.”

Oh yeah, she also sings. This is pure, pure gold. Almost as gold as the Cheeto dust on the sheets in Donald Trump’s bed.

Watch the horrible, horrendous and awful video below:

Maybe SNL was right. Maybe she does want a career on the stage:

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