Kentucky and Virginia Introduce Anti-LGBT Bills

Kentucky and Virginia Introduce Anti-LGBT Bills

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Following in North Carolina’s footsteps, Kentucky and Virginia have unveiled new discriminatory anti-LGBT bills.

Snitching on Kids in Virginia

In Virginia, state Del. Bob Marshall introduced the Physical Privacy Act, a bill to ban trans students from using the bathroom that matches their gender identity.

But it gets worse. The bill would also force teachers to out trans kids to their parents.  Not only is this a gross, Orwellian invasion of privacy, but it’s also a way to ensure that children with intolerant families have nowhere they can be themselves.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe vows to veto the bill. He also signed an executive order banning anti-LGBT discrimination among state employees, contractors and sub-contractors.

Bathrooms and Bibles in Kentucky

Meanwhile, in Kentucky Rep. Rick Nelson filed two anti-LGBT bills: an anti-trans bathroom bill, and a “religious freedom” bill guaranteeing bigots the right to discriminate in the name of God.

What really stings about this bill is the fact that Nelson is a Democrat. Yet he manages to be even more regressive than Kentucky’s Republican Governor Matt Bevin, who called anti-trans bathroom bills unnecessary and “silly”, saying, “Is it an issue? Is there anyone you know in Kentucky who has trouble going to the bathroom? Seriously?”

When a Kentucky Republican is more progressive on LGBT issues than a Democrat, something is seriously wrong.

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