transgender, bathroom, bathroom bill, transphobia, transwoman
transgender, bathroom, bathroom bill, transphobia, transwoman

Kentucky Won’t Pursue a Transphobic Bathroom Bill, but Washington Will!

Considering that North Carolina’s transphobic bathroom bill (HB2) has pretty much been a disaster for the state financially and politically, you’d expect to see more politicians like Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin promising not to pursue such bills because they’re a non-issue. And yet, Washington state’s Republican lead House just pre-filed a bill similar to North Carolina’s. The last time they tried it, it died in Senate by just one vote. If they pass it this time, they’ll surely live to regret it.

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The transgender community has enough hassles without a bunch of old White conservatives dictating where they can pee. We’d much rather see politicians pushing for more public accommodation laws allowing trans people to piss wherever they damn well please.

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