The Allegations of Kevin Spacey’s Predatory Behavior Are Nothing New

The Allegations of Kevin Spacey’s Predatory Behavior Are Nothing New

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This weekend, Star Trek Discovery actor Anthony Rapp said Kevin Spacey tried to sexually engage  him in 1986 when he was 14-years-old. Though the elder actor tried to change the headlines to answer the longstanding question of “Is Kevin Spacey gay?” — he is — it didn’t really work. Instead, coming out was generally seen as just a distraction attempt. And, if anything, coming out added more fuel to the fire raging against Spacey.

Spacey’s orientation was one of Hollywood’s open secrets. While he generally invoked “privacy” keeping him from coming out officially, he jokingly “came out” at this year’s Tony Awards. But it’s now appearing that allegations like Rapp’s have also been long-rumored as well.

A clip from Family Guy from twelve years ago is making the rounds again:

In the clip, a nude Stewie runs through the the Quahog mall, shouting “Help! I’ve escaped from Kevin Spacey’s basement! Help me!”

It isn’t just Family Guy however. In 2015, Gawker Media’s Defamer collected Kevin Spacey stories from anonymous readers. The stories weren’t just about Kevin Spacey being gay — but being predatory.

Though the Defamer stories are all anonymous and thus can’t be proven, they don’t paint a good picture of Spacey. The Spacey in the Defamer article greets people by grabbing their asses and propositioning them. There’s a story about Spacey having private pool parties with young students from the Savannah College of Art and Design. In another story, a film crew made sure that any “underling” to come in contact with Spacey was either a woman or an older man due to his harassment of a production assistant (PA) on set.

Another Defamer article says Spacey was a regular on the same Los Angeles party scene that resulted in claims of director Bryan Singer being involved in a “child sex ring.”

In 2004, Spacey claimed to have been mugged in London. But in 2008, gossip site PopBitch claimed:

Remember in 2004 when Kevin Spacey got “brutally mugged” while walking his dog at 4:30 a.m.? […]

What really happened was this. Spacey had taken a shine to a waiter where he was dining. He handed him a 20 pound note tip with his phone number on, and the star-struck waiter agreed to meet him later.

The two men then got trashed together. While walking back to Spacey’s apartment near the Old Vic to continue their drinking session, they passed through a nearby park. Spacey made a suggestion to the waiter about what they could do next. Not liking this suggestion, the straight but rather worse-for-wear waiter, punched the star in the face.

Afterwards, Spacey’s lawyers suggested rather strongly to him that he might want to keep the story to himself. The waiter wasn’t interested in selling his story or taking any hush money and has kept a dignified silence ever since.

Spacey makes frequent appearances on Blind Item Rehash, a site that attempts to do research to put names to “blind item” gossip pieces. A “blind item” is when a gossip column spreads dirt without attaching a name, generally using vague descriptors like “an A-list actor.” Generally, though, “blind items” aren’t necessarily reliable; given the nature, anyone can submit a blind item without providing evidence of any sort.

Stories about Spacey have also started appearing on Twitter:

Unfortunately, there’s no way to prove most of these stories. One could easily explain them away as written by people with an axe to grind. However, with Rapp coming forward, they certainly seem more believable.

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