‘That’s Just the Way He Is’: Kevin Spacey Accused of Racism on ‘House of Cards’ Set

‘That’s Just the Way He Is’: Kevin Spacey Accused of Racism on ‘House of Cards’ Set

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There have already been multiples allegations and accusations made against Kevin Spacey for inappropriate sexual behavior (including rape) since openly gay actor Anthony Rapp accused him of making sexual advances on him when he was only 14 years old. Currently, police are investigating three sexual assault allegations made against the now disgraced actor, but is Kevin Spacey racist?That’s what one person is alleging from his experience working as a security guard on the set of the Netflix political drama series House of Cards. He claims that Spacey wouldn’t shake the hands of black people and used the n-word.


Is Kevin Spacey racist? This black security director thinks so.

Earl Blue is a black man who served as head of VIP Protective Services on the House of Cards set back in 2012. During that time, he claims that Kevin Spacey refused to shake hands with his predominantly black staff and also wouldn’t acknowledge them whenever they said hello.

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“He looks me up and down, looks at my supervisor up and down, and reaches across us to shake the hand of the police officer and then walks away,” Blue claimed. “We are all standing there looking at each other like, ’Okay, that was awkward.’”

Blue also claims he overhead Spacey says to his manager that he didn’t want “n*ggers watching my trailer.”

As company boss, Blue often oversaw main talent, which is why he was positioned 15 feet from Spacey’s trailer. “He would look at me, walk back to his trailer and check to make sure the door was locked. Over the course of that day I started laughing at him. He did it every single time he left his trailer — at least a dozen times,” Blue says. “He obviously had some uneasiness about me being near the trailer. I would smile at him and even speak, say ‘Good morning’ or ‘Good afternoon.’ But he would never reply.”

“I have been black my whole life and I can tell when a person is not looking at me as a person but they are looking at me as a color. They are coming to a conclusion about what type of person I am.”

“But I’m there to do a job,” he continued, “and it doesn’t matter if you speak to me. I’m going to do that job. So we kept filming.”

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When Blue raised his concerns with set managers, he says they referred to Spacey as “the powers that be” and told him, “We’ve got to keep him happy.”

Another source said he has “no particular recollection” of memories of any Kevin Spacey racist behaviors towards security staff, but said however that Spacey was a “real asshole” who was “temperamental” on set and would “get frustrated” if things didn’t go his way.

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