KICKSTART THIS: 4 Days Left to Fund GaymerX, the World’s Only LGBTQ Gaming Convention!

KICKSTART THIS: 4 Days Left to Fund GaymerX, the World’s Only LGBTQ Gaming Convention!

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Why we’re covering this: As fans of video and tabletop gaming, we’re huge supporters of GaymerX (last year, we were even a media sponsor). We’ve attended every year since its inception and think it’s a worthwhile community event that explores the role of sex, gender, discrimination and self-expression. The event also raises up the critics and creators who are shaking up the gaming world in uniquely queer ways.

GaymerX (aka. GX) — the world’s only LGBTQ gaming convention — is coming back for its fourth year and we’re happy to hear it: it’s a space that really tries to welcome gaymers of all sorts no matter their age, race, ability, body type, gender or sexual identity. This year, they’ll be holding the event at the end of September in Santa Clara, California with a whole slew of surprises: cutting-edge panels, cosplay pageants, celebrity guests, late night parties, an expo hall full of geek art and indie games, yummy food trucks — and that’s just the beginning!

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The organizers want to include an arcade and other special guests into the mix, but they need your help! Head on over to their Kickstarter and toss ’em a couple of bucks; in return you’ll get collectible GaymerX stickers, an online screener of the documentary Gaming in Color, swag from the MidBoss game Read Only Memories, limited edition t-shirts and more.

Plus, they’ve even started an initiative where donors can donate their badges to nonprofit organizations and people who would be unable to afford a badge on their own. It’s a great way to ensure that gaymers of all sorts can come to the table, no matter their identity or financial status.

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