KICKSTART THIS: A Film That Gives The Sex Education You Deserve

KICKSTART THIS: A Film That Gives The Sex Education You Deserve

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As we’ve pointed out many times before, sex education in the U.S. is bunk. But you have two days to help change that by chipping in a few bucks to Alex Liu’s new documentary A Sexplanation, a project that could help educate adults and students about the psychology, biology, sociology and joys of healthy sex.

Like most Americans, Liu learned jack from his childhood sex education, so he spearheaded a documentary where he speaks with educators, biologists, neurologists, sociologists, spiritual thinkers and others to provide viewers with language and concepts for “a more grounded, evidence-based conversation on what constitutes a healthy sexuality.”

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You might recognize Liu from his Unicorn Booty videos on the science of falling in love and whether oral sex really causes more throat cancer than smoking. He’s a funny, intelligent and charming guy who (going by the video above) is down to insert a prostate wand and spank-off for your edutainment — now that’s a committed educator!

And even better, the Kickstarter donation is entirely tax-deductible and can snag you a thank you credit, your own film copy, a Skype convo with Liu and more if you give today! But remember, there’s only two days left, so don’t delay — thousands of badly educated lovemakers are depending on you!

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