KICKSTART THIS: New Sex-Ed Video About ‘Second Puberty’ For Trans People Starting HRT

KICKSTART THIS: New Sex-Ed Video About ‘Second Puberty’ For Trans People Starting HRT

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You don’t need to be trans to know that transitioning is hard. The flood of hormones known as puberty is difficult enough the first time, let alone when you’ve got to go through it again with hormone replacement therapy (or HRT). The biggest problem is that there’s just not a whole lot of information out there about what it feels like; there might be a lot about what’s technically going on, but that doesn’t really tell you what to expect. Groups like MyTransHealth definitely help when it comes to health care, but sometimes you have questions that aren’t really medical.

Enter Second Puberty: A Humorous, Informative Guide To HRT. Filmmakers Ashley Lauren Rogers and Lux Alptraum are putting together a sex-ed short about HRT in the form of one of those videos about puberty we all had to watch in school, only with jokes.

Rogers and Alptraum are the brains behind the hilarious webseries and touring show The Wonderful World of Boning, where comedians watch old sex-ed films and make fun of them, a la Mystery Science Theater 3000. So, it’s safe to say that Second Puberty will not only be educational, but a laugh riot. The script will be written by Rogers, Alptraum and Joe Garden, a former writer for The Onion and frequent guest on Wonderful World of Boning.

The film will be directed by Therese Shechter, director of the documentary How To Lose Your Virginity (and the tie-in site The V-Card Diaries) about the virginity myths in our culture and how it felt to actually lose your virginity. Shechter’s also made I Was A Teenage Feminist, looking at feminism as a source of power, both on a personal and political level.

The Kickstarter is still in its early stages, so there’s still time to get on board!

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