KICKSTART THIS: We All Need ‘No Fats, No Femmes’ NOW!

KICKSTART THIS: We All Need ‘No Fats, No Femmes’ NOW!

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Any fat or feminine person who has ever seen the line “no fats, no femmes” on a dating app knows how shitty it feels to be written off as unacceptably ugly, and yet we see this disclaimer writ everywhere, often with the line “no blacks, no Asians — no offense, just a preference.” Yeah, well… OFFENSE. And fuck you. Brooklyn performance artist and director Jamal Lewis wants to make a documentary about sexual discrimination — it NEEDS to be made — but we all have less than ten hours to help make it happen.

While no one is saying that you have to find everyone sexually attractive, it is worth considering your own attraction to others, where it comes from, who it leaves out and why. Lewis’ needs about $5,000 to finance his film No Fats, No Femmes, a documentary that will interrogate and explore the ways that pop-culture and media shape “attractiveness” using “the personal narrative(s) of five Black and Brown gender-non-conforming, queer, trans, fat, femme, and disabled people” as well as archival research and performance.

It’s a challenging and worthwhile piece of queer art, and if you toss a few bucks into its kitty, you can get a portrait of the director with text reading “Blessed am I who is fat, femme and cunty as fuck.” A real and empowering collector’s item!

The line reminds of us Lewis’ spoken-word piece released this last summer:

“Fuck your whiteness.
Fuck your beauty.
Fuck your chest hair.
Fuck your beard.
Fuck your privilege.
that you are made to feel ashamed always.
Fuck your thinness.
Fuck your muscles.
Fuck your attractive fatness.
Fuck your shaming me for nothing.
Fuck your accusations that I produce shame.
Fuck your reading me as a character.
Fuck your destruction of my personhood.
Fuck yourmarginalization of my identity.
Fuck your judging me for self care.
Fuck your ability to be assertive.
Fuck your lack of socialization to be a submissive.
Fuck your asking me to produce safety for you and not myself.
Fuck the amount of effort I exert to get less than enough consideration.
Fuck that the amount of space I take up in the world is constantly questioned.
Fuck that people think that I’m a slut.
Fuck that you can command attention.
Fuck that I am willing to give you what I can’t have.
Fuck that your values and actions never match up when it comes to me.
Fuck that I can’t expect anything from anyone.
Fuck that the amount of work I put into the beauty of my intellect and my talent still is never enough.
Blessed are the sissies.
Blessed are the boy-dykes.
Blessed are the pepple of color — my beloved kith and kin.
Blessed are the trans.
Blessed are the high femmes.
Blessed are the sex-workers.
Blessed are the authentic.
Blessed are the gender illusionists.
Blessed are the non-normative.
Blessed are the genderqueers.
Blessed are the kinksters.
Blessed are the disabled.
Blessed are the hot fat girls.
Blessed are the weirdo queers.
Blessed is the spectrum.
Blessed is consent.
Blessed is respect.
Blessed are the beloved I didn’t describe, I couldn’t describe, I will learn to describe.
Respect and love.

Hell yasssssssss, gurl. Let’s make this documentary happen so we can help tear down the limited view of what’s hot and what’s not. It’s 2016, children. Time for a new paradigm of beauty, love, sex and queerness.

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