Could This Kid Dancing During Wrestling Practice Be the Next George Michael?

Could This Kid Dancing During Wrestling Practice Be the Next George Michael?

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We hated gym class as kids. We were always the last ones picked and when we did end up playing, our overly competitive macho straight classmates whooped our asses. Well, we love what this kid decided to do on the sidelines, as he gets into the groove and strikes a pose like there’s nothing to it. The video of this kid dancing at wrestling practice is making the rounds on Reddit, where at the time of this writing, it has almost 400,000 views.

We have no idea why he’s on the sidelines, but he seems to be perfectly fine exactly where he is. During the dance-off with himself, he shows off some pretty slick moves that even Madonna or Mick Jagger would envy. Many people in the comments compare the dancing diva to George Michael — and we totally see that, too!

One person writes: “George Michael had been on a wrestling team, but never actually made it into a mat.”

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There’s no audio to the video, so we’re not sure if there is actually music he’s jiving to or if it’s all in his head. Either way, the other kids don’t even seem to notice, as they continue wrestling, not paying attention to his adorable sideline dance routine.

Comments on the Reddit post include, “I was the one dancing along the wall because no one would wrestle with me and I thought i was being sneaky…”

One reads: “I just realized my kid is this kid. Wait, I also just realized I was this kid.”

Another adds: “He has learnt to express himself at a young age irrespective of where he is, that’s something I struggle with to this day.”

We’re loving that this child has the ability to express himself like this. We were too shy to be ourselves in situations that deemed otherwise, but we’re glad he is letting his freak flag fly so high in the sky.

Watch the kid dancing at wrestling practice video here:

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