Senate-Hopeful Kid Rock: ‘Why, These Days, Is Everything So Gay?’

Senate-Hopeful Kid Rock: ‘Why, These Days, Is Everything So Gay?’

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On July 12, 2017, Kid Rock — the 46-year-old, Trump-supporting, hip-hop, rock-rap Southern-rock musician who sings of drug use, drinking and sex with strippers — tweeted an image expressing interest in becoming a U.S. Senator in his home state of Michigan with a link to his candidacy website.

Although he has not officially applied to be a candidate, and may have broken campaign finance laws because he’s already selling “Kid Rock for U.S. Senate” hats and t-shirts — he reportedly told critics to “fuck off” — he delivered an “expletive-laden” campaign speech during his Detroit concert Tuesday evening.


This Kid Rock anti-gay speech comments on gay and transgender politics

In the rhyming speech that followed, he seemed both to knock professional athletes who refuse to stand during the national anthem as well as racists, neo-Nazis and the KKK. After that, he said:

And why, these days, is everything so gay? Gay rights, transgender this and that. I say let gay folks get married if they want to and I’m not even close to a deathtrap. But things shouldn’t be this complicated, and no you don’t get to choose because whatever you have between your legs should determine the bathroom that you use.

So basically, Kid Rock is a biological essentialist who thinks that physical appearance determines gender, a view which denies the right of people to determine their own gender identity and expression.

His view is similar to Republican candidates who have supported transphobic bathroom bills by requiring trans people to use the bathrooms matching the gender listed on their birth certificates.

Kid Rock claims to be a libertarian despite his endorsement of Republican presidential candidates.


A brief history of Kid Rock’s LGBTQ and racial politics

Although his stab at politics could just be a way to raise his musical profile, Politico argues that his Donald Trump-style fame and foul-mouthed “straight talk” could disrupt the re-election of entrenched Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow who is now seeking her fourth term.

In 2012, Kid Rock shared his stance on same-sex marriage with The New Yorker, stating, “I don’t give a fuck if gay people get married. I don’t love anybody who acts like a fuckin’ faggot.”

After the 2015 Charleston Church Shooting by a white supremacist in South Carolina, black activists asked Kid Rock to stop displaying the Confederate flag at his concerts. But Rock claimed that he had stopped displaying the flag back in 2011 and responded via Fox News: ”Please tell the people that are protesting me that they can kiss my ass.”

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