If This Kilted Yoga Duo Doesn’t Make You Want to Visit the Island of Jersey, Nothing Will

If This Kilted Yoga Duo Doesn’t Make You Want to Visit the Island of Jersey, Nothing Will

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British budget airline easyJet just released a new promotional video featuring the sexy Kilted Yoga duo to celebrate the airline’s new route between Edinburgh, Scotland, and the island of Jersey in the English Channel.

Kilted Yoga founding member Kinlay Wilson says, “Our first Kilted Yoga film was a big hit last year, so we were very excited when we received the invite to make a follow up film in Jersey. … The Island has some spectacular scenery, so whether you’re into yoga or just enjoy getting outdoors, hopefully we’ve inspired Scots to visit the Island to check it out, as it’s worth a visit.”

Kilted Yogis

In the Kilted Yoga easyJet video, viewers are treated to the sexy duo in various yoga poses surrounded by the scenic hills and valleys of Jersey (home of sexy actor-slash-superhero Henry Cavill, for what it’s worth). At some points they forget there may be onlookers, like cows and other tourists. Regardless, this doesn’t stop them from letting it all hang out.

EasyJet has said in a statement, “This year easyJet is celebrating 10 years at Jersey and the addition of this route demonstrates our continued commitment to providing even more choice for our customers in Jersey and Scotland, helping us to deliver long term, sustainable growth, providing passengers with a great range of destinations all with a convenient schedule, low fares and great service for both leisure and business travelers.”

Jersey is a self-governing British crown dependency. The Channel Islands are the last remnants of the Dukedom of Normandy and are considered a separate jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. Jersey is the largest and southernmost of the British Channel Islands. It sits in the English Channel, northwest of France, and is just nine miles by five miles, making it great for a weekend getaway.

What do you think of the new easyJet kilted yoga promo vid? Sound off in the comments.

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