Kim Davis’ Lawyer: Anti-Gay Groups Are Persecuted Like ‘Jews in Nazi Germany’

Kim Davis’ Lawyer: Anti-Gay Groups Are Persecuted Like ‘Jews in Nazi Germany’

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In a recent interview, Kim Davis’ lawyer Mathew Staver compared the treatment of anti-LGBTQ groups in America with the way Jewish people were treated in Nazi Germany.

Staver is the head of the anti-LGBTQ legal group Liberty Counsel. He also represents Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis who fought issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples based on her religious objection.

In an interview on VCY America’s “Crosstalk” program, Staver said that the Southern Poverty Law Center’s labeling of his group as an anti-gay hate group is part of a persecution of Christians in America reminiscent of the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany, and linked the removal of Confederate monuments throughout the country to a larger “civil war against our values” happening in the U.S.

He said the SPLC knows that these anti-LGBTQ group “are not violent organizations, they know that they are Christian organizations, and they know that they oppose any kind of hatred or violence. They just don’t agree with us on the issue of marriage.”

The host of the program, Jim Schneider, next asks how far the nation will let this sort of thing go. Staver answers with a dire warning.

“I think that’s a question that everyone listening here needs to answer. I think we’ve crossed the line and we can’t let this go any further. We’ve got to push back, it cannot happen like this. You know, if you go back into the 1930s, what ultimately happened back then with the Jews—and history, you know, there’s other histories you can point to—but they began to ultimately ban Jews from public employment, then ban Jews from their private employment, then put a Star of David on their ID and a Star of David on their passport, restrict their travel, restrict their income opportunity, and eventually you know what happened, we had to fight a World War II over that issue.”

Listen to the full interview with Kim Davis’ lawyer here:

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