Anti-Gay Clerk Kim Davis’ Home County Just Held Its First Pride

Anti-Gay Clerk Kim Davis’ Home County Just Held Its First Pride

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Remember Kim Davis? She’s the hypocritical Kentucky state clerk who used religion to justify her refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay couples even though she’d been married four different times (something also forbidden by her religion) — she also compared herself to a Jew persecuted in the Holocaust, ugh.

Less than a year after her anti-gay antics, her Kentucky hometown of Morehead (tee-hee) held its first ever Pride event, and it’s in the same county just minutes away from where Davis refused to sign licenses.

David Moore, one of the first Kentucky gay couples to wed after the Supreme Court decision legalizing marriage equality nationwide, worked as lead organizer and executive director for Morehead’s inaugural Pride. The event featured 50 local vendors and LGBTQ organizations, activist speakers (including a 16-year-old transgender student) and even a drag queen Kim Davis impersonator.

Vice reports:

Moore said last year’s controversy pushed the town’s residents to decide where they stood on the issue of gay rights. Before, many could hide in the background, but suddenly, Davis forced them to confront whether they were allies—or not.

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Vice’s report adds that documentary filmmaker Sheri Wright drove to Morehead to attend the festival and said, “There’ve been people who have been afraid to be allies, or people who have been afraid to not voice hatred, for fear of being labeled part of the LGBT community. [Now] they’re saying, who cares?”

Oh, and if you’re still curious about Davis’s quest to never sign off on a gay marriage license, Republican Kentucky Governor Matt Bevi signed a law omitting county clerk’s names entirely from all marriage licenses, effectively erasing any mention of her from the romantic commitments of gays across Rowan county.

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