Kim Kardashian: ‘My Daughter Would Be a Better President Than Donald Trump’

Kim Kardashian: ‘My Daughter Would Be a Better President Than Donald Trump’

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Kim Kardashian just read President Donald Trump to filth. The reality starlet isn’t holding back with her views on politics in a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

“Sometimes I feel like I want to speak out more about political issues,” Kardashian says in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. “You have to be really careful about what you say, because a lot of things can be taken in the wrong context and I always want to be respectful; I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.”

Regarding who should be in the White House, she doesn’t hold back: “Not the President now. Anyone can run the US better. My daughter [4-year-old North] would be better.”

Ouch. Kim Kardashian 1, Donald Trump 0.

Kardashian continues: “We’ve worked so hard to get to where we were and to have so many things that we were so proud of in our country, to just literally revert backwards is the most frustrating thing. Every single day when you can’t really believe what’s going on, the next day it’s something else even more crazy and tragic,” she shakes her head. “It’s really scary, the world that we’re living in now. And when you did feel safe at home, now with Trump in presidency you just don’t feel safe any more.”

The reality TV queen is featured on the September cover as Cher, who like Kardashian is half-Armenian, too. “She’s always had the sickest style, I’m obsessed with her,” Kardashian said of the gay icon. “To think that she was wearing these sheer dresses in the ’70s and just what people must have thought back then.”

In the interview, Kardashian also opens up about being labeled a feminist, something in the past she has attempted to avoid.

“I said once before that I’m not really a feminist,” she shared. “But I feel I do a lot more than people that claim that they’re feminist. To clarify what I said before: I feel in my soul I’m a feminist. I just don’t need labels to make me feel or know what I am inside. Modern feminists are all the girls around us today. Every time you look on social media and there’s someone standing up for themselves, to me that’s a modern feminist. There’s such an amazing group of girls that empower each other.”

Lets just see how long it takes for Trump to find out about “modern feminist” Kardashian’s choice words about his time in office. We’re sure he’ll be lashing out on Twitter against her soon.

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