Pop Star Kim Petras Says a Record Exec Asked Her If She Was Trans to Be ‘Trendy’

Pop Star Kim Petras Says a Record Exec Asked Her If She Was Trans to Be ‘Trendy’

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Pop star Kim Petras revealed to Billboard that a record exec once asked her in a meeting if she was trans to be trendy. “I’ve been asked in a meeting at a company I was debating signing with if I was transgender because it’s trendy,” she said in the Kim Petras interview. “I’m like, “Bitch, I’ve been transgender my whole life.’”

The German born singer was one of the youngest people in the world to undergo gender reassignment surgery when she did so at the age of 16. Moving from Cologne to Los Angeles at the age of 19, she was discovered after a YouTube cover of a Chris Brown song got her noticed by a producer there. Then, she worked as a songwriter for more than half a decade, penning tracks for musicians like JoJo and Fergie.

“I got asked: ‘Do you miss your dick?’” Kim Petras says in an interview with The Guardian. “I’ve worked for five years to become good at something, writing three songs a day, moving to a different country and making it there – and that’s the first thing you want to bring up? The first big headline I saw was, like: ‘Successful pop star in America – here’s what she looked like as a boy.’ They won’t let it go.”

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Now at 25, Petras is a successful pop star in her own right and no headline can take that away from her. Last year, her debut single, the Dr. Luke-produced “I Don’t Want It at All,” topped the international Spotify charts, resulting in Petras landing a partnership with the company. Since, Petras has released singles “Hills”, “Hillside Boys”, “Slow It Down”, “Heart to Break”, and “Faded”, each of which has accumulated over one million streams. In December, 2017, Petras appeared on Charli XCX’s Pop 2, alongside Jay Park on the track “Unlock It.”

Kim Petras

In May, it was announced that Petras will be opening for Troye Sivan on his Bloom Tour. After the tour news was announced, many fans of Sivan voiced their objection to Petras’s inclusion on the grounds of her working with, and public support of, producer Dr. Luke. Dr. Luke is currently embroiled in a legal battle with Kesha, who has accused him of rape.

Sivan addressed both his fans conerns and Petras’s comments. “I since have read them and was troubled by them, like you,” he wrote of her interview. “The opinions communicated in these interviews don’t align with my personal values or the values of the tour.”

Sivan explained that Petras will remain on the tour and that he’ll be donating money from the tour to the Ally Coalition and to RAINN.

Petras also issued her own statement in response to the feedback she received from Sivan’s fan base. “While I’ve been open and honest about my positive experience with Dr. Luke, that does not negate or dismiss the experience of others or suggest that multiple perspectives cannot exist at once. I didn’t communicate this clearly in the past.”

To read the entire Kim Petras interview, head here.

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