There’s Apparently a Movement to Add ‘K for Kink’ to the Ever-Growing LGBTQ+ Acronym

There’s a movement to add another letter to the ever-growing LGBTQ+ acronym that our community uses to define itself. One of the newest letters being added by some is K for “kink.” But are those who enjoy the darker side of sex really just like the rest of us, or do they deserve separate placement in a string of sexual orientations?

In 2016, MTV added kink to their definition of LGBTQIAPK. They define it as:

Kink is about those who have kinky fantasies. This could involve BDSM (bondage, discipline and sadomasochism) where sexual fantasies include anything from tying each other up in the bedroom, to altogether more painful activities… If you’ve heard of Fifty Shades of Grey (and we’re assuming that you probably have), kink is what sultry Mr. Grey is in to. No matter what you think of the book (or the film), it certainly raised awareness about the kink community.

On the website Quora, the conversation of whether or not the word should be added to LGBTQ+ came up, with many agreeing that kink has no place in the acronym.

kink 2

Samuel writes, “I’m not really sure why it is even included in the acronym as personally I don’t think it’s a sexuality or orientation. For example, you don’t go around telling people, ‘Hey I’m Sam and I identify as kink.’ You don’t even say, ‘Hey I’m Samuel and my kinks are blah blah and blah.’ And it isn’t helping stop the gay stereotype of ‘sex-crazed and horny.'”

Caitlin added, “I and others believe that it shouldn’t be included in the acronym. Kink is not inherently non-cis or non-straight, and including it can feed into the stereotype of queer people being ‘sexual deviants.’ BDSM is fine in a community of its own, but it’s strange and unnecessary to include it with sexual orientations and gender identities.”

John wrote, “I’m gay, and I do not and will not use this silly LGBTQLAPK shit. They keep adding a silly letter for inclusion. You are just labelling yourselves, and that is a silly thing to do.”

So what do all the letters in LGBTQQIAAACPPF2K mean?

L – lesbian

G – gay

B – bisexual

T – transgender

Q – queer

Q – questioning

I – intersex

A – asexual

A – agender

A – ally

C – curious

P – pansexual

P – polysexual

F – friends and family

2 – two-spirit

K – kink


What do you think? Should kink be added to the LGBTQ+ acronym?