#KissesForKim kisses for kim, kissesforkim, gallery, kim davis
#KissesForKim kisses for kim, kissesforkim, gallery, kim davis

PICS: Take That, Kim Davis: Everyone’s Gay Kissing In #KissesForKim

Oh, Kim Davis. You tried so hard to fight for the sanctity of marriage, and you didn’t let a little thing like your three divorces get in the way. But know this: your refusing to issue marriage licenses has increased the world’s supply of gay smooches!


That’s right, without Kim Davis, people wouldn’t have had to make the #KissesForKim hashtag showing pictures of straight people kissing their same-sex friends! Check out this gallery of “depravity”… and remember, you did this, Kim Davis. This is all you:

The comedy community is coming after Kim Davis. Post your same sex kisses #KissesForKim Then admire how adorable @philanthropygal and I are together. #comiccoupleoftheyear A photo posted by Jasmine Pierce (@jasminecomedy) on

This is just what society needed. #kissesforkim

A photo posted by Grant Gordon (@gograntgordon) on


Featured image via TheOtherStuff.

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