‘EastSiders’ Creator Kit Williamson on Working With Gay Porn’s Resident Trumpster, Colby Keller

‘EastSiders’ Creator Kit Williamson on Working With Gay Porn’s Resident Trumpster, Colby Keller

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In a new essay for The Advocate, gay actor Kit Williamson opens up about that Colby Keller EastSiders Season 3 appearance. It became a controversial cameo after we were all aware that Keller voted for Donald Trump in the most recent presidential election.

In the essay, Williamson reveals that many people have thrown negative comments his way because of his decision to work with gay porn’s resident Trumpster.

“The news of Colby’s political views hit me like a deplorable’s pickup truck,” says Williamson. “I was already mourning the loss of Susan Sarandon, and now there was an interloper in our midst. To make matters worse, I had already written a joke about Susan Sarandon’s politics into the script.”

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“To be clear, Colby’s a ‘bring about the revolution’ Trump supporter. Having read his thoughts on politics, I think his primary issue is being disconnected from the lives of the people impacted by a Trump regime,” he says. “A vote in the name of abstract ideals isn’t worth the consequences for so many people’s lives, immigrants especially. But that’s neither here nor there.”

Colby Keller in ‘EastSiders’

Williamson admits the Colby Keller EastSiders cameo came after some debate, mostly because the star and producer of the show didn’t think Trump would actually win.

“I may have been wrong about that, but I sincerely doubt that Colby’s comments impacted anyone’s vote,” he shares. “I honestly don’t know if it was the right decision, but I know I wouldn’t want to lose my job because I’m a Democrat.”

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He makes a valid point about what would it look like if the shoe were on the other foot. However, we’re not quite sure we agree that Keller didn’t impact anyone’s vote. As a porn star in the queer community, he does have a platform, and it’s possible some of his fans were inspired by his words.

“There’s no dramatic ending to this story. Colby was professional on set, friendly with the crew, and I’m happy with how his scenes came out. I’ve had a lot of people reach out in anger, attacking me and the show for working with him.”

“I want the people I’ve spoken with to know that I understand what they’re feeling,” he says. “I’m still angry at this country, and I desperately want someone to blame. Colby’s an easy target, but I’m not sure he’s the right one.”

What did you think of the Colby Keller EastSiders appearance? Sound off in the comments. You can catch EastSiders on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Vimeo.

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