Exclusive: Lady Bunny Presents Her Ultimate Christmas List for the Queens of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

Exclusive: Lady Bunny Presents Her Ultimate Christmas List for the Queens of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

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Lady Bunny returns to The Stonewall Inn with her special holiday-themed show Christmas Leftovers starting Friday, Dec. 22. Expect a giddy mix of warped seasonal favorites, lots of dish on everything from pop culture to Drag Race and plenty of new song parodies. The drag legend also promises that even “attempts at dancing will be made” at this Lady Bunny Christmas show.

Bianca Del Rio joins the fun in an audio cameo playing the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future in an utterly demented Scrooge-inspired skit. And in the Lady Bunny Christmas show — co-written by Beryl Mendelbaum — Bunny promises to avoid the toxic current political scene. (We highly doubt that will actually happen.)

“‘Leftovers’ refers to the fact that most of the performances are actually after Christmas Day and to the fact that this is not a show like last year’s Trans-Jester! with any sort of point to be made,” Bunny says. “This is a wild mix of new material, raunchy carols and a few classics. If you’re prudish, religious or enjoy mainly polite humor, this probably isn’t your cup of tea. But if you love to laugh, this is the holiday show for you.”

Before she serves up those leftovers, Lady Bunny tells us what she plans on getting some of her “sisters” from RuPaul’s Drag Race this holiday season. Find out which queen made her nice list, and which you’ll find on her naughty list. (Spoiler alert: they all made her naughty list because these gifts are shady AF!)

Prior to the Lady Bunny Christmas show, here’s what she’ll be gifting her fellow queens this holiday season:


1. Shangela

“I’d get her a box she can’t pop back out of — a coffin!”

2. Pandora Boxx

“That box needs a lid on it, and I’d nail it shut.”

3. Latrice Royale

“I’d just give her the number of Jiggly Caliente’s dentist.”

4. Jinkx Monsoon

“Singing lessons. Her voice is like Katya in a nightclub — always looking for a key.”

5. Pearl

“A lifetime supply of meth — bitch needs the energy!”

6. Katya

“I’d buy the meth from Katya, so she would just get cash this year. Then maybe she could afford to ditch that awful clown, Trixie!”

7. Trixie Mattel

“I got her a necklace that really suits her. Well, I call it a necklace. Everyone I showed it to called it a noose.”

8. Adore Delano

“Have you seen her lately? She could use a copy of Darienne Lake’s Infallible Weight Loss Tips!”

9. Alaska

“She travels so much that I’m sure she could use a new bridle and saddle.”

10. Kim Chi

“A crockpot she can fit a whole dog into. I’m just kidding! Kim eats at least two dogs per meal.”

11. Sasha Velour

“A fucking wig! Applied with a staple gun so it stays on.”

12. Courtney Act

“Australia just passed gay marriage. So I’d get her a husband so she can stay down under and leave us alone!”

13. Sharon Needles

“I’d get her a new album. What’s that? She just released one? Whoops! My bad.”

14. Willam

“I think she’d like two really loud dogs, since she probably misses those bitches Detox and Vicky Vox from DWV.”

15. Aja

“I’d get her something she really needs: Season 1 lighting.”

16. Tyra Sanchez

“Voice feminization lessons from Caitlyn Jenner’s vocal coach.”

17. Ginger Minj

“She could use a free, one-way ride to the bus stop from Roxxxy Andrews’ mom!”

18. Bob The Drag Queen

“A lump of coal … which he can use as highlighter. Actually, I’d get her something really cruel: a DVD of her movie Cherry Pop!”

19. Phi Phi O’Hara

“Enough joking around. I’d get Phi Phi something she could actually use — a fan base!”

20. Bianca Del Rio

“Not today, Santa!”

21. Valentina

“A mask that covers her face … both of them!”


Lady Bunny’s Christmas Leftovers runs Dec. 22–30. Ages 21 and up with ID. Tickets are $25 with a two drink minimum. Cash sales at the door when available, and seating is first come, first served.

For tickets to the Lady Bunny Christmas show, Christmas Leftovershead here.

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