The Definitive Ranking of Every Lady Gaga Song Ever

The Definitive Ranking of Every Lady Gaga Song Ever

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Before she performs as the Super Bowl LI halftime show headliner this Sunday, we decided to compile every Lady Gaga track and rank them. Yes, “Jewels n’ Drugs” is her worst at pop perfection, but what came in as the best?

We’ve included every track to appear on the deluxe versions of her five solo albums: The Fame (2008), The Fame Monster (2009), Born This Way (2011), Artpop (2013) and Joanne (2016). We also include her song “Till It Happens To You” that she produced and performed for the 2015 documentary film The Hunting Ground.

Songs denoted with an asterisk are what we predict she will perform this weekend during the Super Bowl halftime show—a performance that promises to include aerial tricks, a guest or two and music spanning her entire career.

Now, while we’re huge Lady Gaga fans and want to think we can be the authoritative voice on this subject, please do not forget:

We don’t want any Little Monsters sending us death threats or limbs in the mail.

That being said, here’s our career retrospective ranking of 70 Lady Gaga songs:

70. Jewels n’ Drugs

69. Fashion of His Love

68. Again Again

67. Fashion!

66. Scheiße

65. Hey Girl

64. Starstruck

63. Disco Heaven

62. Mary Jane Holland

61. Swine

60. Americano

59. Electric Chapel

58. The Fame

57. Brown Eyes

56. The Queen

55. Just Another Day

54. Highway Unicorn

53. Money Honey

52. Artpop

51. Summerboy

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50. Come to Mama

49. Hair

48. Sexxx Dreams

47. I Like It Rough

46. Aura

45. Sinner’s Prayer

44. Bloody Mary

43. Donatella

42. Venus

41. Teeth

40. A-Yo*

39. Do What U Want

38. LoveGame

37. Dope

36. Angel Down

35. Bad Kids

34. Monster

33. Dancin’ in Circles

32. Government Hooker

31. MANicure

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30. G.U.Y.

29. John Wayne

28. Judas

27. Marry the Night

26. Paper Gangsta

25. Alejandro

24. Gypsy

23. Grigio Girls

22. Perfect Illusion*

21. Heavy Metal Lover

20. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

19. Dance in the Dark

18. Black Jesus † Amen Fashion

17. Eh, Eh, (Nothing Else I Can Say)

16. You and I*

15. Joanne

14. Speechless

13. Telephone*

12. Just Dance*

11. Applause*

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10. Poker Face

This track brought bisexuality and sexual queerness to the waves of mainstream radios everywhere.

9. Million Reasons*

A really incredible ballad that can be played over and over and over again ad nauseam.

8. Boys Boys Boys

Probably her most resonating thesis of them all: “Boys, boys, boys we like boys in cars. Boys, boys, boys, they buy us drinks in bars.” #LifeGoals

7. Diamond Heart

This song makes us want to pole dance, and make money doing it.

6. Till It Happens To You

Heartbreaking and important, this song channels mad Elton John vibes, and we are here for them.

5. Born This Way

Our anthem!

4. Edge of Glory*

She made Howard Stren—a grown man—weep. Need we say more?

3. Paparazzi*

Upbeat, remixed or just with piano, this lush track spawned voyeuristic tendencies in us all.

2. Bad Romance*

Legendary, this smash really established her as the icon she is today.

1. So Happy I Could Die

When you came home after a wild Friday night out with the boys, this is the song you play drunk in bed with a blunt, reminding yourself that life is just so fucking sweet, and this is just the beginning of great things to come.

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