The Wait Is Over: Lady Gaga Emojis are Finally Here

The Wait Is Over: Lady Gaga Emojis are Finally Here

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You can finally breath a sigh of relief. Lady Gaga emojis are here and they are fabulous.

Released on Thursday, GagaMoji is an emoji pack powered by Snaps and customized with the help of Lady Gaga herself. iOS users can download the pack for $1.99. It includes animated iMessage stickers and GIFs as well.

Little Monsters will notice nods to iconic Gaga imagery and phrases. From the pink hat that graces her Joanne album cover to useful phrases like “DOPE” with Gaga’s head plastered in the middle, there is something for every Monster.

“Lady Gaga truly made these for her fans and was very involved in the actual creation of these,” Snaps Founder Vivian Rosenthal told Business Insider. “We’ve loved working on these for the last six months with Lady Gaga and her team. There’s truly a GAGAmoji for every moment of life. These emojis are about being yourself and having fun.”

Snaps Director of BD and Marketing Jonathan Shriftman added: “iMessage is a powerful platform for launching celebrity content. There are over 1 billion people using the popular messaging app every day. By launching this sticker pack, now Lady Gaga’s true fans can share this personalized content directly in conversations with friends and family.”

Lady Gaga emojis may help you get laid.

There is a good chance that the new Lady Gaga emojis will help you get laid. Studies show that people who use emojis more often have sex more often.

One emoji we know for sure that will help you get your dick wet is the Tom of Finland emoji. When Finland legalized marriage equality on Mar. 1, 2017, they celebrated by adding a Tom of Finland emoji to its set of national emojis. 

Are you more of a classic emoji kind of flirt? Then take a look at our round-up of the best emojis to use during late night sexting sessions.

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