Lady Gaga’s Judas Video Leaks Early!

Lady Gaga’s Judas Video Leaks Early!

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Gay blogs for the win! Lady Gaga’s Judas video was set for a double premiere tonight on American Idol and then again on E!, but the video has leaked early this morning.

We’re not quite sure if this is the family-friendly 8 PM version or the racier 11 o’clock video, but we’d go with 11 if we had to guess. Judas does pour a can of beer down Gaga’s ass cheeks as she kneels before Jesus in the bathtub, after all.

Little monsters will no doubt think it’s the best video ever, and Gaga haters will hate it with a fiery passion of course. We like it. We really, really, really like it. One of her best videos!

What do you think?

Update: Gaga’s people have stopped taking down the leaked videos and have relented in just releasing the real deal early. Here it is in it’s HD Vevo goodness.

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