Lady Gaga Throws Shoe, Praise At So You Think You Can Dance Finalists TV

Lady Gaga Throws Shoe, Praise At So You Think You Can Dance Finalists

Written by Kevin Farrell on May 16, 2016
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"In the zoological community, one throws their feces onstage after a particularly good performance."

“Well you know, in the dance community, when you do a really good job, what you do is throw your shoe at the stage.”

And that’s what the Lady did last night on So You Think You Can Dance. Gaga praised contestants Sasha and Melanie for a genderless, raceless, futuristic performance a la the Born This Way video nu-race. And then homegirl chucked a boot at them!

Then Nigel went on to ruin the whole segment by claiming that a time traveling Beyonce was surely inspired by this performance, and must have reached across the space-time continuum to name herself Sasha Fierce four years ago.


But we have to admit, it was quite good!

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