Just Revealed: Lady Gaga’s Set List for Her Joanne Tour

Just Revealed: Lady Gaga’s Set List for Her Joanne Tour

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Lady Gaga opened her “Joanne Tour” in Vancouver, Canada last night and from the looks of it, this could be her biggest bang yet. For all you Little Monsters out there, we have Lady Gaga’s set list at the end of this post.

From the ostentatious costumes to the larger than life set to lighting effects that need a warning sign, Gaga is back and bigger then ever. Sure, we know she is known for her flamboyant live theatrics. But the Joanne Tour is more evidence Gaga continues to raise the bar higher and higher each time she goes out on the road.

At one point, she interrupted the show to ask a fan for their pride flag.

“Excuse me sir, security… may I have that gay pride flag, please?” Gaga asked a security guard standing off stage after a fan tossed it her way.

“Come to Mama,” Gaga continued: “Needless to say, I have a lot to say about this issue. But the most important thing I have to say about it is everybody’s gotta love each other. You gotta stop throwing stones at your sisters and your brothers, because man it wasn’t that long ago we were all just living in the jungle… so for any of you who don’t believe in equality that are here this evening, come to Mama.”

Later in the show, Gaga explained her inspiration for the album, retelling the story of her aunt’s passing.

“I named my record after my father’s sister because what I realized that, for all of us, there is grief passed on from generation to generation,” she explained while perched on a stool, guitar in hand, waiting to perform Joanne‘s title track. “What I’d like to ask you all to do tonight is, in this moment, although it’s hard and you might be having fun with your friends here, I’d like for you to ask yourself, ‘What was that one moment in your life that blasted you so hard you don’t remember who you were before it happened?’”

She continued: “When I look back on my life, there are a series of events that blasted me. I walk around a lot wondering if I’ll ever feel the way I used to feel. What was my life before the fame, what happened after, what happened during, and all the things that made me who I am as a young woman? If you could all just take a moment and give yourself mercy for that moment… for me, that moment has one name, and it’s Joanne. This one’s for you, dad.”

Obviously, there are spoilers here.

Lady Gaga’s Set List: Joanne World Tour

Act 1
1. Diamond Heart
2. A-Yo
3. Poker Face
4. Perfect Illusion

Act 2
5. John Wayne
6. Scheiße
7. Alejandro

Act 3
8. Just Dance
9. LoveGame
10. Telephone

Act 4
11. Applause
12. Come to Mama
13. The Edge of Glory
14. Born This Way

Act 5
15. Bloody Mary
16. Dancin’ in Circles
17. Paparazzi (A Capella)
18. Angel Down
19. Joanne

Act 6
20. Bad Romance
21. The Cure

22. Million Reasons

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