‘Get Out’ and ‘Atlanta’ Star Lakeith Stanfield Posts Homophobic Rap to Social Media

‘Get Out’ and ‘Atlanta’ Star Lakeith Stanfield Posts Homophobic Rap to Social Media

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A new video has surfaced of Atlanta and Get Out star Lakeith Stanfield spitting a homophobic rap.  The video, which has since been deleted from his Instagram, was placed back on Twitter by the user @_BayBey. He writes in the caption with the video, “So @lakeithlakeith from @AtlantaFX && @Sorry2BotherYou Though this “freestyle” (that you can clearly see him looking down & reading) was appropriate?! Lol ppl are truly Homophobic weirdos Lakeith Stanfield sis you played yourself.”

You may recognize Stanfield from Get Out, the critically acclaimed directorial debut of Jordan Peele where Stanfield played the role of Andre Hayworth / Logan King. Before that, in 2016, Stanfield appeared in the Oliver Stone biopic Snowden and began starring in the comedy-drama TV series Atlanta. In 2017 he also starred in the music video for the song “Cold Little Heart” by the English singer Michael Kiwanuka.

In July Stanfield’s film Sorry to Bother You is set to come out. @_BayBey suggests that since there’s little buzz about this upcoming project, Stanfield is making some himself the old-fashioned way by drumming up some controversy.

“I really do feel like Lakeith Stanfield did this lil homophobic rap because there’s 00000 buzz around his upcoming movie,” @_BayBey writes. “Everyone knows the gays run the world so that was the smartest thing to do to create a buzz.”

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In the short rap, some of the homophobic comments Stanfield recites include “That’s some gay shit,” and “Fag, I don’t really like to brag but I’m straight, rich.”

Lakeith Stanfield

@_BayBey ends his Twitter rant about the video suggesting that many black women dismiss the video as not being a big deal. “Sooo many black women have replied to this tweet that it isn’t a big deal,” he writes. “It’s disgusting to think the same black women gay men attempt to defend and protect don’t have our best interest at heart.”

Update (June 26, 2018): He has since apologized.

What do you think of the Lakeith Stanfield homophobic rap?

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