The Leather Harness: 5 Pieces of Gear to Add Some Kink to Your Closet

The Leather Harness: 5 Pieces of Gear to Add Some Kink to Your Closet

Written by Charles Thompson-Wang on August 15, 2018
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Muscular daddies draped in polished leather; young studs clad in skintight rubber; leather chaps, puppy get-ups, neoprene jockstraps — oh my! Maybe it’s time to dust off your favorite gear and join in on the fun.

From the International Mr. Leather conference that just took Chicago by storm to the Folsom Street Fair in both San Francisco and Berlin, there are many celebrations organized for the LGBT community’s leather- and gear-loving subset. In recent years, leather culture has crossed over into the mainstream. It’s now rather normal to see young twinks sporting harnesses at circuit parties and dancing the night away in their finest leather gear.

Maybe you’re in the market for your first piece of gear, or maybe you’re looking to purchase something new. Maybe you’re intrigued about scoring the hottest leather accessory for an upcoming event.

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Look no further! Here we single out five harnesses that simply can’t go wrong. They’re perfect for newbies and seasoned pros alike, and each is a great investment piece to add to your closet.

Here are 5 leather harness options to unleash your kinky side:

1. Mr-S-Leather

leather harness mr s

Fit is important when it comes to choosing the right harness. Mr-S-Leather, a world-renowned fetish gear company in San Francisco, takes pride in crafting its signature harness, the Dark Room Bulldog Harness, with precision and care.

The Dark Room Bulldog Harness is available in two different materials — leather and neoprene — and in a variety of colors. For the leather fans, the material is firm yet comfortable. After many wears the leather will start to fit you tightly around the chest. If you prefer neoprene, it fits similar to the leather option, but it’s easier to clean and maintain after a long night of debauchery.

Leather Bulldog Harness, $166; Neoprene Bulldog Harness, $95, at 

2. Nasty Pig

leather harness nasty pig

Like to get in and out of your gear with ease? Classic and versatile, Nasty Pig’s take on the bulldog harness is made of custom seatbelt webbing. Lightweight, without any frills, you can spot this harness easily at circuit parties. This style comes with buckle details on the chest and shoulder straps. It’s also available in two fully adjustable sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit.

leather harness leather man

leather harness imanstudios

leather harness govner

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