Shockingly, Fetus Water Will Not Cure Your Lesbianism

Shockingly, Fetus Water Will Not Cure Your Lesbianism

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A writer attempted to cure her lesbianism with a homeopathic remedy made from fetal tissue, and learned that (to nobody’s surprise) it didn’t work.

In Vice, Marta Magni writes that she tried a homeopathic solution called Dr. Reckeweg R20 Glandular Drops for Women. The solution promises to fix pituitary dysfunction, goiters, obesity, Grave’s diseases, Addison’s disease, and “lesbian tendencies.” The product also brags that it is “derived and potentised from fetal tissues.”

How is does homeopathy work? It’s made by diluting the hell out of a substance and shaking it a lot. It has a lot of fans, but scientists are not terribly supportive of homeopaths’ claims.

Regardless, the writer decided to give it a shot.

By day four of the treatment, she writes, “At 3 AM, I find myself singing along to ‘You wanna see cunt, you wanna see pussy’ with someone else’s lipstick on my face.”

So it looks like homeopathic fetus water does not in fact cure lesbianism. Still, as far as gay conversion therapy treatments go, it’s pretty tame — there’s no exorcism or electrocution, at least.

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