The Lesbians Who Sued Oregon’s Anti-Gay Cake Shop Regularly Get Death Threats

The Lesbians Who Sued Oregon’s Anti-Gay Cake Shop Regularly Get Death Threats

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In case you hadn’t heard, Sweet Cakes — the anti-gay bakery that used their religious beliefs in June 2013 to refuse a cake for a lesbian wedding — officially announced their closure on Facebook last Thursday. Court fees and a civil fine helped shutter the business and conservatives are blaming the LGBT mafia… y’know the one that sets up equal rights ordinances requiring businesses to treat all customers fairly.

And while we LOLed at all the gay, lesbian and bisexual people gloating on their Facebook page, there’s a sad side to all this: the lesbians who beat the bakery in court continue to get hate mail and death threats three years after their initial legal complaint. According to Pink News, the hate mail includes messages like:

“Go jump off a cliff and take your wife with you”, “Rot in hell you f**king skanks”, “I’m buying up my ammo right now you filthy, ugly, disgusting, fat, stupid, cruel, piece of lesbian scum.”” “You started a war b***h, I’m far from done with you’, ‘I’m getting ready for the war so I hope you and your t**t-faced girlfriend have a good hiding spot’, ‘F*****g die, or just kill yourself.”

Just goes to show that there are no real winners in the LGBT cultural war. When the 2013 court case started, Sweet Cakes’ owners (Aaron and Melissa Klein) began operating out of their home, turning their lives upside down just to keep the business going. They’re appealing the court’s decision meaning that until the appeal process has ended, the lesbian couple (Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer) won’t see a nickel of the $135,000 they were awarded for emotional damages. In the meanwhile, the Bowman-Cryer’s lives and sense of safety have been shattered, the town of Gresham has lost a bakery and only the lawyers have profited from any of this awfulness.


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