Let’s Hear It For the Boys

Let’s Hear It For the Boys

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When it comes to the world of pop music, let’s face it, it’s a woman’s world.  Turn on any mainstream pop radio station these days and you are immediately inundated with the likes of Lady Gaga, Britney, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Robyn, Shakira, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj and very rarely will you hear a track by Adam Lambert or Frankmusik.  Agreed?  Yeah, I thought so.

There are plenty of good male pop stars out there that deserve the opportunity to burn bright just like the mega female icons and it’s time they get some attention.  Let’s hear it for the boys I say!  The world of pop needs to be a little more welcoming to guys who aren’t scared of a little makeup or hair gel don’t you think?  Agreed?  Yeah I thought so.

So here’s a roundup of the web’s most interesting new male pop stars.  Sorry Bruno Mars, but these guys are the real deal when it comes to pop and could show you a thing or two about what being a real male pop star is all about.

Monti Montanez

He’s basically the new Ricky Martin.  Shoot, he even used to be in Menudo, just like Ricky Martin and his music is really, really catchy, just like Ricky Martin.  Monti is on the verge of being signed to a major label, but I know all you Unicorn Booty lovers just love to know about things first and well, you heard it from me – Monti Montanez is on the HAUTE tip.  Take a look at his video teaser to get a teensy tiny taste of what this Latin heartthrob has to offer and what’s coming in the future.

Tao Hypah

Tokyo Hotel a bit too hard and deep for you, but you have a fetish for those quirky and gothic looking types? Well I have a surprise for you.  Tao Hypah is part Asian, part Dutch and 100% poptastic.  He’s in the recording studio now putting the finishing touches on his first album but internet tracks “Celeb” (his ode to Lindsay Lohan) and “Screwed” are slowly starting to burn among the blogosphere.  I was addicted upon first listen – I’m sure you will be too!

Adam Tyler

If any boy is afraid of a little eye-makeup, it most certainly is not Adam Tyler.  His new single “I Won’t Let You Go” is a throwback to classic pop at its finest and taster single “Friction” sees the young up-and-coming pop star getting dirty XTina style in the desert whilst flirting with a bit of androgyny. Look out for his upcoming album “Shattered Ice” coming out this year which is sounding a bit out-of-this world if I must say so myself.


Like your boys tough and streetwise?  Yeah, so do I.  Enter Solomon.  He used to be a rapper but his fabulosity quotient was far too high for that genre and has since turned his attention to hip pop rather than hip hop.  His new single “Wit Us You Can’t” is out now on iTunes and he’s even landed an opening slot for Deborah Cox which has all the boys throwing him all sorts of love.  Spunky – that’s putting it lightly.

Simon Curtis

The whole world loves Simon Curtis.  With over 20K Twitter followers and massive amounts of love from Billboard Magazine and Lady Gaga fans, the world is truly ready for Simon Curtis and his brand of “evil N’Sync” pop with a Britney twist.  His debut album “8-Bit Heart” had an astounding 1 million free downloads from his website and new album “RA” is looking to be just as (if not more) successful.  His new single “Superhero” is out now on iTunes and it’s his first foray into the world of selling his music.  If you’re a pop music lover, you should already know about Simon Curtis – if you aren’t, well you’re kinda behind the times I’m afraid…

Johnny Lazer

Did Billy Idol’s scowl just do it for you?  Yeah it got my juices flowing too.  Enter Johnny Lazer.  He’s like a new, more popped-up and slightly more excitable version of Billy Idol.  He’s also a gaming geek and has built up quite a fan base around lovers of anime.  His new single “New High” is completely under-rated and everyone who has heard it just instantly falls charmed to this British artist who has still yet to breakthrough.  How can you not love the dude?  He dressed up like Sonic The Hedgehog for his single cover!  Geek-tastic.

Raj Rudolph is editor of www.EQmusicblog.com – one of the UK’s most respected pop & electronic music blogs.  Raj has been a pop music lover ever since he first heard Madonna’s iconic debut album.  Raj divides his time on EQ by blogging about new music, interviewing musicians, quietlyspazzing out at gigs and organizing the blog’s monthly showcases and club nights.  Raj is American and has been living in London since July of 2000 and has no plans to move back any time soon.  Yup, he’s a Londoner now. www.EQmusicblog.com

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