This Bearded Queen Performed Fergie’s National Anthem Last Night at Club Cumming (Video)

This Bearded Queen Performed Fergie’s National Anthem Last Night at Club Cumming (Video)

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Fergie only butchered the national anthem this past Sunday, but it didn’t take long for a drag queen to parody her horrible performance. Bearded queen Levonia Jenkins (aka. Greg Scarnici) took to the stage at the East Village cabaret haunt Club Cumming Tuesday night, and she did a pretty pitch poor job of performing our nation’s anthem. So basically it was a perfect impersonation of Fergie’s All-Stars game mess.

In a ratty wig and black dress, Jenkins did an impeccable job emulating the attempted smooth stylings of Fergie’s “Star-Spangled Banner” performance that ended up falling so flat — even Roseanne said she did better than Fergie. We’ve forgiven the “Glamorous” singer after she shared a sweet and heartfelt apology. But that apology didn’t stop Scarnici from performing the perfect parody of her performance.

“When I first saw the performance, I was in awe…. like five seconds in and then captivated the entire way through,” Greg Scarnici, the man behind Levonia Jenkins, told us over Instagram. “The whole thing is just so bizarre. It starts off sexy, gets jazzy, it’s mesmerizing. So when I got booked to perform at Mary, I reached out to Frankie Sharp and Tim Young and told them: ‘I have to open the show doing this.’”

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Thankfully for us, Sharpe and Young obliged to follow Jenkins’ orders. The duo host Mary: A Variety Show of the Unexpected Variety every Tuesday night at Alan Cumming’s watering hole. The night is  described as “a New York love letter from all of us in the form of song, performance, magick and togetherness both on stage, on the bar and swinging from the rafters.”

Levonia Jenkins (aka. Greg Scarnici)

“I think Levonia’s role in the drag community is to disarm people who might be taken aback by genderfuck drag through humor and love,” Scarnici explains. “Once people see she doesn’t take herself seriously and just wants everyone to have a good time, people from all walks of life seem to embrace her and are a lot more open to drag and different forms of gender expression.”

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Levonia stars in her own “half-woman show” that happens to be playing this Friday at The Laurie Beechman Theatre in Hell’s Kitchen. Titled “Gender Fluids,” Jenkins will sing her greatest hits, including “So Cunt,” “Werk and Serve and Face” and “Like Whore.” She will also debut some brand new parodies and share her spin on gender identity, hook up apps and “so much more.”

“And in her show on Friday, expect loads of Gender Fluids, an appearance from the woke police, sex-positive music, videos and loads of love and laughs. ”

So where does Scarnici rank Fergie’s performance amongst the worst of the worst national anthem messes of all time?

Scarnici says, “She took a risk making some artistic choices that just didn’t pay off, as opposed to Roseanne who knew she was terrible. It’s in a league of its own.”


Watch Levonia Jenkins perform Fergie’s national anthem:

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