Watch This Formula One Racer Shame His Nephew to 5.7 Million Fans for Wearing a Princess Dress

Watch This Formula One Racer Shame His Nephew to 5.7 Million Fans for Wearing a Princess Dress

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Four-time British Formula One racing champion Lewis Hamilton recently posted a video on his Instagram Stories publicly shaming his young nephew to his 5.7 million Instagram followers. In this Lewis Hamilton video, he tells his nephew that “Boys don’t wear princess dresses!”

In the video, Hamilton looks into his camera phone and says, “I’m so sad right now. Look at my nephew.” The video then switches to a shot of his young nephew, wearing a purple and pink princess dress and waving a pink wand with ribbons tied to it.

“Why’re you wearing a princess dress?” Hamilton asks his nephew. The shy boy smiles and bows slightly.

“Is this what you got for Christmas?” Hamilton asks. The boy responds by laughing and nodding.

“Why did you ask for a princess dress for Christmas?” He then yells, “Boys don’t wear princess dresses!” as the young boy covers his ears and turns away.

The video had the “see no evil” monkey emoji placed at the bottom of it as well.

The temporarily viewable video doesn’t appear on Hamilton’s Instagram account, but a Twitter user saved and shared it online.


Reactions to the Lewis Hamilton video

Other Twitter users have begun criticizing Hamilton for his actions in the video while one of his defenders said that the racer posted the video as a joke and has also posted numerous videos of him being loving to his nephew.

Another Twitter user points out that Hamilton makes some pretty wild fashion choices himself.

Openly gay former Australian bobsledder (and perpetual thirst trap) Simon Dunn also connected Hamilton’s Instagram video to the larger issue of homophobia in professional sports.

Hamilton also made headlines earlier this year when he posted an Instagram video showing a chihuahua humping a soft Donald Trump toy. Just for kicks, let’s watch it below.

Instagram removed the Trump-hump video from Hamilton’s page.

On social media Hamilton has also publicly supported American football athletes who have protested police brutality against people of color by kneeling during the National Anthem.

“I think it’s open for anyone to have the freedom of speech,” Hamilton said, “and we can all play a role in trying to make a difference in the world, particularly if your leader is not in that area. It takes for the people to try standing together.”


Update: Hamilton has apologized in three separate tweets which state:

Yesterday I was playing around with my nephew and realised that my words were inappropriate so I removed the post. I meant no harm and did not mean to offend anyone at all. I love that my nephew feels free to express himself as we all should.

My deepest apologies for my behavior as I realize it is really not acceptable for anyone, no matter where you are from, to marginalize or stereotype anyone.

I have always been in support of anyone living their life exactly how they wish and I hope I can be forgiven for this lapse in judgement.

Featured image via Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram

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