Here’s How the LGBT Olympic Athletes Are Doing at the Summer Games

Here’s How the LGBT Olympic Athletes Are Doing at the Summer Games

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UPDATED 8/21/16

The Olympics wrap up today which means that we finally have a complete picture of how all the openly LGBT Olympians did at the Rio 2016 Olympic Summer Games — 25 of the 53 LGBT Olympians won medals which is pretty great (that’s 47 percent); maybe LGBT Olympians work harder?

We mentioned the out male Olympians early into the Games, and wondered how all the openly LGBT Olympic athletes were doing. So here’s a rundown of each athlete’s performance, starting with those who medaled and then everyone else. Congratulations to all the competitors — hopefully we’ll see all these proud athletes at future competitions! GO TEAM RAINBOW!


Nicola Adams (Great Britain, boxing)

She won her match against China 3-0 and against France 3-0 winning the gold medal!

Seimone Augustus, Elena Delle Donne, Brittney Griner, Angel McCoughtry (USA, basketball)

Their team beat Senegal 121 to 56, beat Spain 103 to 63, beat Serbia 110-84, beat Canada 81-51, beat China 105-62, beat Japan 110-64, beat France 86-67, beat Spain 101-72 to win a gold medal!

Rachel Bruni (Italy, swimming)

Italy’s swimmer in the 10,000 meter open swim came out after wining the silver medal!

Nilla Fischer, Hedvig Lindahl, Caroline Seger, Lisa Dahlkvist (Sweden, soccer)

Their team beat South Africa 1-0, lost to Brazil 5-1, tied with China 0-0, tied with the USA 1-1, tied with Brazil 0-0 and lost to Germany 2-1 to win the silver medal!

Edward Gal, Hans Peter Minderhoud (Netherlands, equestrian)

The Netherlands team came in first for the gold medal in the Grand Prix Special event.

Carl Hester, Spencer Wilton (Great Britain, equestrian)

Carl Hester and Spencer Wilton brought home the silver medal for team dressage!

Carlien Dirkse van den Heuvel, Maartje Paumen (Netherlands, field hockey)

Their team beat Spain 5-0, beat South Korea 4-0, beat China 1-0, tied with New Zealand 1-1, beat Germany 2-0, beat Argentina 3-2, tied with Germany 1-1 and tied with Great Britain 3-3 for the silver medal.

Jen Kish (Canada, women’s rugby)

Her team beat Brazil 38-0, lost to Great Britain 22-0, beat France 15-5, lost to Australia 17-5 and beat Great Britain 33-10 to win the bronze medal!

Alexandra Lacrabère (France, handball)

Her team beat Argentina 27-11, beat South Korea 21-17, beat Sweden 27-25, beat Spain 27-26, beat the Netherlands 24-23, lost against Russia 22-19 winning them the silver medal.

Stephanie Labbe, Marie-Eve Nault (Canada, soccer)

Her team beat Australia 2-0, beat Zimbabwe 3-1, beat Germany 2-1, beat France 1-0, lost to Germany 2-0 and beat Brazil 2-0 for the bronze!

Robbie Manson (New Zealand, rowing)

He came in 3rd and got a bronze medal in the men’s double sculls on Saturday, August 6.

Caster Semenya (South Africa, track & field)

She came in sixth in a qualifying race for the women’s 800m, placed first in the semifinal and won a gold medal in the final!

Rafaela Silva (Brazil, judo)

Rafaela Silva won the gold medal for Brazil — and shortly after, publicly came out! She’s awesome.

Susannah Townsend, Helen Richardson-Walsh, Kate Richardson-Walsh (Great Britain, field hockey)

Their team beat Australia, 2-1, beat India 3-0, beat Argentina 3-2, beat Japan 2-0, beat Great Britain 2-1, beat Spain 3-1, beat New Zealand 3-0, and tied with Great Britain 3-3 for the gold medal!

Sunette Stella Viljoen (South Africa, javelin)

She ranked sixth in the qualifying round and then won silver in the final!


Tom Bosworth (Great Britain, 20km speed walking)

He came in sixth place in the 20 kilometer speed walking finals.

Anne Buijs (Netherlands, volleyball)

Her team beat Puerto Rico 3-0, Serbia 3-2, South Korea 3-1, lost to China 3-1 and lost to the U.S. 3-1 in the bronze medal match.

Dutee Chand (India, women’s 100m)

Dutee Chand came in 50th, with a speed of 11.69 seconds.

Isadora Cerullo (Brazil, women’s rugby)

Her team came in 9th.

Tom Daley (Great Britain, diving)

He and his diving partner won bronze in the men’s synchronized diving 10 meter platform. He also placed 18th in the men’s 10 meter platform diving.

Katie Duncan (New Zealand, soccer)

Her team lost to the USA 2-0, beat Colombia 1-0 and lost to France 3-0. They did not medal.

Amini Fonua (Tonga, men’s 100m breaststroke)

He came in 45th place in the qualifying heats. He is still our secret boyfriend.

Larissa França (Brazil, beach volleyball)

Her team beat Russia 2-0, beat the USA 2-0, beat Poland 2-0, beat Germany 2-0, beat Switzerland 2-1, beat Germany 2-0, and lost the bronze medal match to the U.S. 2-1 on Wednesday, August 17.

Kelly Griffin, Jillion Potter (USA, women’s rugby)

Their team beat Colombia 48-0, lost to Fiji 12-7, lost to New Zealand 5-0, tied with the USA 12-12, beat Fiji 12-7, and beat France 19-5. Their team placed 5th overall.

Mélanie Henique (France, women’s 50m freestyle)

She ranked 31st in the women’s 50m freestyle.

Michelle Heyman (Australia, soccer)

Her team lost to Canada 2-0, tied with Germany 2-2, beat Zimbabwe 6-1, tied with Brazil 0-0. Her team did not medal.

Marleen van Iersel (the Netherlands, beach volleyball)

Her team beat Venezuela 2-0, beat Costa Rica 2-0, lost to Australia 2-1 and lost to Switzerland 2-1.

Valentina Kogan (Argentina, handball)

Her team lost to Sweden 31-21, lost the Netherlands 26-18, lost to France 27 to 11, lost to Russia 35-29, and lost to South Korea 28-22.

Ari-Pekka Liukkonen (Finland, swimming)

He placed 42nd in the men’s 100m freestyle and 23rd in the men’s 50m freestyle.

Ian Matos (Brazil, men’s synchronized diving 3m platform)

He and his diving partner got 8th place.

Nadine Müller (Germany, discus)

She placed fifth in the qualifying round and finished sixth in the final.

Eefje Muskens (the Netherlands, badminton)

Muskins and her partner beat Thailand 2-0, beat India 2-1, lost to Japan 2-0 and lost to South Korea 2-0.

Ashley Nee (USA, kayak whitewater slalom)

She ranked ninth in the preliminaries and 14th in the semifinals.

Fiona Pennie (Great Britain, kayak whitewater slalom)

After finishing third in the preliminaries and second in the semifinals, she placed sixth during the finals.

Mayssa Pessoa (Brazil, handball)

Her team beat Norway 31-28, beat Romania 26-14, lost to Spain 29-24, beat Angola 28-24, beat Montenegro 29-23, lost to Brazil 32-23.

Megan Rapinoe (USA, soccer)

Her team beat France 1-0, beat New Zealand 2-0, tied with Colombia 2-2, and tied with Sweden 1-1 in the quarterfinals. The team has also been subject homophobic chants from Brazilian soccer fans.

Tessie Savelkouls (the Netherlands, judo)

She won her match against Ukraine and then lost her quarterfinal match against South Korea.

Martina Strutz (Germany, pole vault)

She ranked seventh in the qualifying round and ranked ninth in the final.

Julia Vasconcelos (Brazil, taekwondo)

She lost her match against Finland 10-9.

Linda Vilumsen (New Zealand, road cycling)

She placed 23rd in the road race and sixth in the time trials.

Jeffrey Wammes (Netherlands, gymnastics)

He has ranked 70th in pommel horse, 69th in rings, 29th on floor exercise, 47th on parallel bars, 41st on horizontal bar and 40th on the individual all-around.

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