LGBT Couples No Longer Willing To Pretend They Aren’t Married

LGBT Couples No Longer Willing To Pretend They Aren’t Married

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We told you last week about Refuse To Lie, the grassroots campaign encouraging LGBT couples who have legally married to declare themselves so on their federal taxes, something that is currently not permitted under the law. The movement is making big waves this week, and after being profiled by the New York Times, MSNBC invited the NYT piece’s author, Tara Siegel Bernard, on to discuss the movement.

“More people are refusing to lie on those forms, even though the government is telling them to. It would be both dishonest and deeply humiliating to now disavow each other or our marriage and declare ourselves single on our tax form.” -Nadine Smith, Executive Director Equality Florida

The clip, and the movement are both absolutely worth taking a moment to pay attention to. Refuse To Lie may be the most meaningful act of civil disobedience of our generation. Gay and lesbian married couples are telling the government that they are no longer willing to wait for the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act to be fully repealed in order to act like the legally married people that they are. LGBT Americans are through pretending.

What do you think of Refuse To Lie?

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