The First LGBT Kindergarten in Germany Could Soon Open in Berlin

The First LGBT Kindergarten in Germany Could Soon Open in Berlin

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The gay organization Schwulenberatung Berlin has just announced that the first LGBT kindergarten in Germany run by a gay association could soon be a reality. This creation is part of a very ambitious real estate project developed by this organization. In the heart of Schöneberg, the Schwulenberatung plans to build 60 apartments of different sizes. Thirty-five apartments would be for elderly gays, and the remaining 25 would be for lesbian women, trans and intersex people. The project also includes two nursing homes for men in need of care, a restaurant, a neighborhood center and offices.

Marcel de Groot, CEO of this organization founded more than 30 years ago, told “We want to provide an appropriate space for children of queer families as well as parents whose children need to be familiar with a very diverse lifestyle at an early age.”

On Wilhelmstraße 115, in the Kreuzberg district, the organization already offers a meeting place for LGBTI and for queer refugees. With this new project, the Schwulenberatung Berlin is participating in a tender procedure reserved for social landlords in the Tempelhof-Schöneberg district. The final decision is expected in the spring.

Competitor project from a lesbian association

But things are not so simple, because there is a concurrent project carried out by a lesbian association, Rad und Tat, which proposes its own project on the plot. The project includes 50 affordable, non-discriminatory housing units for older lesbian women. It has been several years since this organization has this idea but the difficulties are largely related to real estate prices in Berlin.

The two organizations regret this situation but according to De Groot, this demonstrates the need to respond to this high demand for projects adapted to the LGBT people in Berlin.

Photo: A view by Google Maps of the plot where the construction of the LGBT kindergarten is envisioned.

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