LGBT Military Group Honors Pulse Nightclub Hero Who Saved 70 People

LGBT Military Group Honors Pulse Nightclub Hero Who Saved 70 People

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Shortly after the June 12 Orlando Shooting, we recognized the heroism of Imran Yousuf, a bouncer and ex-Marine who recognized the sound of gunfire at the Pulse nightclub and helped about 70 people escape; and now an LGBT military group is recognizing his heroism as well. On September 17, the American Military Partner Association (AMPA) — “the largest organization advocating for LGBT military families” — will present Yousuf with their 2016 Community Hero Award at their inaugural AMPA West Coast Gala in San Diego on September 17.

“While he humbly may not consider himself a hero,”AMPA president Ashley Broadway-Mack said, “his courageous actions in the face of mortal danger that saved the lives of more than 70 of our LGBT brothers and sisters say otherwise.”

AMPA shared a little more about Yousuf’s story too:

“Yousuf served as an Engineer Equipment Electrical Systems Technician in the Marine Corps from 2010-2016, including a deployment to Afghanistan in 2011. Yousuf has only appeared at one other public event since the Orlando tragedy – the Houston Pride Parade where as a hero and ally of the LGBT community he was made an Honorary Grand Marshal.”

After the shooting, Yousuf shunned media attention to keep the public focus on the victims and survivors of the attack.

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