The LGBT Olympians Won More Medals Than Anti-LGBT Countries Did

The LGBT Olympians Won More Medals Than Anti-LGBT Countries Did

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If you were playing along with us during the Rio 2016 Olympic Summer Games, you already know that 25 out of 53 openly LGBT athletes won medals. But the sports-heads at Outsports blog, the queerest sports blog in the galaxy, figured out that even if you combined all the team sports medals into individual medals for each sport, the 15 medals won by “Team LGBT” would outnumber the medals won by countries that criminalize homosexuality and lesbianism.

Outsports explains:

Those [15] medals beat every single country that criminalizes sex between people of the same gender. Jamaica, with 11 medals, was the closest anti-gay nation to catching Team LGBT. Iran… won only eight medals; various notoriously anti-gay nations won zero medals, including Libya, Sudan and Uganda.

While Outsports comes to the conclusion that freedom creates stronger athletes, it’s also worth pointing out that most of the openly LGBTQ athletes represented wealthier countries. Thus, economic strength plays a key role in securing LGBT rights internationally as well. That being said, China has the second highest gross domestic product in the world and is still pretty anti-LGBT, so wealth doesn’t automatically equal acceptance, but it helps.

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