LGBT Rights Page Removed from White House Website

LGBT Rights Page Removed from White House Website

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Moments after President Trump gave his inaugural address, the LGBT rights page was removed from the White House website. Furthermore, disturbing changes were made on the pages for civil rights and climate change. The Daily Beast reports:

The page on climate change was replaced with a page entitled “An America First Energy Plan” that ignores climate change entirely … The page on civil rights was replaced with a page entitled “Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community” that replaces concerns with how police act with a demand for more cops. It also paints predominantly black inner cities as shooting galleries.

If you go to, you’ll see nothing.

Also, the Department of Labor’s report on “Advancing LGBT Workplace Rights” has been taken down.

Thankfully, the Wayback Machine, an internet archive, has saved the pages on their servers so we can know what was there.


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