Witches Are Forming Covens Across America and Casting Spells for LGBTQ Rights

Witches Are Forming Covens Across America and Casting Spells for LGBTQ Rights

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Lana Del Rey isn’t the only witch casting spells on U.S. President Donald Trump and his crooked, capitalist cronies.

Across America, small, politically engaged covens are protesting under the organizational name W.I.T.C.H. — an acronym that can stand for anything from “Women’s International Troublemaker Conspiracy from Hell” to “Women Imagining Theoretically Creative Happenings” or “We Instill Terror in Corrupt Humans.”

In order to become a member of WITCH, one has to stand for a slew of rights and social positions which include “anti-racism, anti-fascism … gender self-determination, women’s liberation, trans liberation, anti-rape culture, reproductive rights, sex worker support, LGBTQIA rights, environmental protection, religious freedom, immigrant rights, anti-war, anti-capitalism, disability justice, privacy rights and workers rights.”

That means they might cast a spell against Trump’s recent decision to remove workplace protections for transgender people nationwide.

They sometimes attend public protests, silently wearing pointed black hats, face-covering veils and black smocks.

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A representative from WITCH Boston told Broadly, “Anonymity gives us the ability to stand for all marginalized people. By removing our personal visages, people are able to see us, relate to what we stand for, and recognize that any one of them could be us.”

Sometimes they’ll hold vigils for police brutality victims, publicly perform community-healing rituals or hand out small vials or tarot cards containing uplifting spells.

One of their spells goes: “I call upon you to bind Donald J. Trump so that he may fail utterly and do no harm to any human soul, nor any tree, animal, stream, rock or sea.”

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They try to avoid any protest at which their presence may prove more of a distraction rather than an amplifying force.

In private, they hold hexing and other ritual ceremonies and call their elected representatives.

Even though modern-day witches, wiccans and other pagan practitioners of magic don’t really wear the pointy hats that Halloween costumers have long associated with witches, a member from WITCH Portland said that they’re trying to reclaim their witch identity, not as individuals, but for the “thousands upon thousands of witches and other victims of patriarchal oppression, including people who have been murdered in the name of upholding the so-called morals of the dominant culture.”

They reportedly want to “reclaim the fearsome, transformational, ecstatic power of being a witch” to allow women to take pride in that identity and show how it can challenge and shift societal power.


Featured image by WITCH PDX via Instagram

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