The Boys of #LGBTbabes Are Here, So Grab a Drink Because the Thirst Is Real

The Boys of #LGBTbabes Are Here, So Grab a Drink Because the Thirst Is Real

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As a member of the all-knowing LGBTQ community, it’s actually a proven scientific fact* that all queer people are the best and most beautiful. Which is exactly why we were jumping for joy when #LGBTbabes started trending on Twitter. Our normally boring news feeds full of gross politicians doing dumb things were magically transformed into a sea of gay excellence.

From daddies to twinks, and jocks to otters, men flocked to their phones to post their gayest and most glorious selfies. But this hashtag isn’t just a chance for us to gawk and gaze at some pretty people. Along with the pictures, many of the posts were full of inspirational messages. From body positivity to resilience and self-love, we get to see, time and time again, how strong and wonderful our community really is. (And some of the other posts were just really funny).

*Scientific fact is really just my opinion, which is just as important.

Check out some of the dapper dudes behind #LGBTbabes below.



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