This Tanzanian LGBTQ Activist Is Calling for a Boycott of His Own Country

This Tanzanian LGBTQ Activist Is Calling for a Boycott of His Own Country

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A prominent LGBTQ activist in Tanzania called for a travel boycott of his country, saying that the government is killing the queer community by denying them HIV health services.

On the Mamba Show on GaySA Radio, LGBT Voice Tanzania founder/executive director James Wandera Ouma spoke out about government homophobia. In particular, he discussed the shuttering of 40 HIV clinics that offered services to men who have sex with men and trans people.

Ouma, quoted in Mamba Online, said:

It is like killing the LGBT community. They want the HIV among the LGBT community to increase. They don’t want to treat, prevent and to take care of LGBT people.

Life is becoming very difficult for the LGBT community, especially for gay men and trans people. Everyone is afraid of getting arrested. Everyone is afraid of getting detained. Everyone is afraid of getting attacked on the streets.

Sex acts between men are illegal in Tanzania and punishable by life imprisonment. Public sentiment is overall hostile to homosexuality. The country’s deputy health minister threatened to publish a list of gay people accused of selling sex online, but he backed out.


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