Drop Everything and Get Yourself to the LGBTQ Dance Party at Ivanka Trump’s House

Drop Everything and Get Yourself to the LGBTQ Dance Party at Ivanka Trump’s House

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Drop everything you are doing this weekend and get yourself to the LGBTQ dance party happening near Ivanka Trump’s house.

It was announced this week that Ivanka will have a larger and more official role in her father’s administration. Joining her husband, Jared Kushner, she will be serving as an official government employee as an unpaid adviser.

So there is no better time than now to cut a rug and resist on her lawn.

The LGBTQ activist group WERK For Peace has announced on Facebook their plans to get down and dirty on Saturday, April 1. The same group took to the streets outside Mike Pence’s home in January.

The LGBTQ dance party event reads:

It’s time to WERK for Mother Earth.

Last Tuesday, the Trump administration passed an Executive Order rolling back environmental regulations and slashed funding to the EPA, essentially halting the Federal progress the US has made in slowing the pace of climate change and on promoting clean energy.

In response, get ready to shake what your Mamma Earth gave ya and WERK it for climate justice! Thankfully, Ivanka Trump, “BFF of the gays,” supposed climate czar, and brand new employee of the Trump Administration has invited us to come and party in her neighborhood, leaving behind biodegradable glitter that will sparkle in the moonlight. It turns out Rex Tillerson, former CEO of Exxon, Sec. of State and Putin’s BFF, lives right next door!

We will meet at Dupont Circle (in the actual circle) and parade down Massachusetts Ave. to Rexi and Ivanka-poo’s neighborhood to send the clear message that our climate and our communities matter.

We will surely be joined by Scott Pruitt, the climate denying head of the EPA and by Rick Perry, head of the Dept of Energy, an oil hawk who’s a flaming homophobe. They will come in their faux-leather-tight pants, and you should too!

The entire Trump Administration has shown a blatant disregard for our planet and it’s inhabitants, like paving the way for the Dakota Access Pipeline displacing the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. The reality is that the people most affected by the administration’s bad climate decisions are our most vulnerable friends: our poor, working class, native, trans & POC siblings. We must put our bodies on the line for our earth and for all who depend on its resources.

Also, in case you hadn’t heard, Trump revoked protections for LGBTQ government employees and removed LGBTQ questions from the census–all the more reason to turn out and show that YOU COUNT.

It’s getting hot in here. So let’s WERK.

The only question we have is: what clearance bin do we hit up for Ivanka’s clothing line? We need a new pair of dancing shoes.

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