Gun Sales Are Rising Among the Queer Community After the Election

Gun Sales Are Rising Among the Queer Community After the Election

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Gun sellers have reported a surge in sales of firearms to “non-traditional” buyers like the LGBTQ community after Trump’s election.

Changing Trends

The CBC spoke to gunsmiths and weapons instructors who claimed that they’ve seen more members of marginalized communities showing an interest in firearms.

A firearms instructor in Cleveland said that sales among African-Americans had been “three to four times what it is normally.” There were more women and Latinos asking about concealed-carry classes, too, he said.

Meanwhile, the National African-American Gun Association doubled its membership since Election Day.

And the Pink Pistols, an LGBTQ gun club, has had its biggest surge in membership since the Orlando shooting. New chapters of the organization are popping up all over the country.

And leftists are showing up to protests carrying guns.

Meanwhile, sales among the traditional demographic — angry white guys — has sagged since Obama left office.

Firearms and Fear

What’s the reason for this change? Fear, mainly.

Members of marginalized groups — like the LGBTQ community, people of color and women — are feeling particularly vulnerable since the election. And why wouldn’t they? Hate crimes and bullying has increased since the election, and our public institutions show little interest in protecting anyone from it.

And so many LGBTQ people have decided they need to protect themselves. A trans woman told Motherboard:

I’m trans, I’m a person of color, I’m more likely to be targeted. I’m more likely to be in a place where everyone is being targeted, just like the Orlando folks. I was just like, damn, I need a gun more than these conservative rednecks do.

On the other side, gun sales among traditional buyers might be lagging due to decreased fear. Conservatives and firearm industry marketers whipped customers into a panic over the threat of Obama taking their guns away. When Obama left, that fear went with him.


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