LGBTQ Activists Piled Manure and Roaches Outside a London Property Award Ceremony

LGBTQ Activists Piled Manure and Roaches Outside a London Property Award Ceremony

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LGBTQ activists dumped cow manure and live cockroaches outside of a property industry award ceremony in London.

The event in question was the 2017 Property Awards at Grosvenor House last Tuesday. The ceremony is a black tie gala to celebrate real estate developers and investors.

According to the site’s booking page, an individual reservation costs £398 (about $496). The dropdown menu in which attendees are supposed to choose their titles includes entries like “lord,” “sir,” “prince” and “baroness.” By all appearances, this is an event for the rich and privileged.

A reporter for Dazed wrote:

The attendees are utterly homogenous. It’s white-tie tuxedo, figure-hugging cocktail dresses, and white faces as far as the eye can see. One smug twenty-something estate agent evidently feels his man-bun is an earth-shatteringly radical assault on the gender binary. The contrast between the pasty sea of capitalists and the rowdy mob of 50 or so protesters couldn’t be more stark, as a divine septuagenarian drag queen rubs shoulders with masked-up, black-clad anarchists.

Holding aloft signs with slogans like “social housing not social cleansing,” “property is the root of all social ills” and the ever-popular “eat the rich,” the protesters piled cow manure and live cockroaches on the sidewalk outside of Grosvenor House.

The purpose of the demonstration was to protest against unaffordable housing and LGBTQ homelessness. The Sexual Avengers listed their demands on Twitter:

As with many cities, London is quickly running out of affordable housing. In the cheapest neighborhoods, a one-bedroom apartment costs about £200,000 (about $250,000). And rents are high all over the country. The Guardian reported that rent is unaffordable for young families in two-thirds of the UK. With rising housing costs and an ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor, the problem looks like it will only get worse.

THIS IS HORSESHIT Sexual Avengers strike again, this time to protest the grotesque Property Developers Awards. This is homophobia in 2017. “My partner died of cancer last April, and they wanted to kick me out in May. They couldn’t understand how I could be in a relationship with a woman when I had a child. I’d just lost my partner and had to sit there and justify my sexuality. Why did I deserve the house where we lived, where I cared for her and where she died? “Property developers need to build for need not greed. I’ve been homeless twice, and I’d be on the streets now if it wasn’t for Stonewall. The number of empty properties and the number of people on the streets –it’s madness.” Read more: Want to find out more about Sexual Avengers? Come along tonight –

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The housing crisis hits the LGBTQ community especially hard. A quarter of the UK’s homeless youth are queer.


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