One LGBTQ Person Is Murdered in Brazil Every 25 Hours

One LGBTQ Person Is Murdered in Brazil Every 25 Hours

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According to a survey by the Gay Group of Bahia (GGB), one LGBTQ person is murdered in Brazil every 25 hours.

Gay Star News writes:

Over the last 12 months, the group registered 343 deaths connected to homophobic, biphobic and transphobic in the last year – 173 gay men, 144 trans people, 10 lesbians and four bisexuals.

The GGB also identified 12 victims as straight.

Some of them had been in relationships with trans or bisexual people. Others, like Luiz Carlos Rosas, died because of being close to the LGBTI community.

Nearly half of the victims were killed by strangers – either clients, if they were sex workers, or one-night-stands.

For the first time, the GGB didn’t just count homicides, but also included suicides motivated by prejudice and discrimination against their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The real numbers are possibly even worse, but Brazil does not keep any data on the crimes against the country’s LGBTI community.

Brazil has pro-LGBTQ laws (including legalized same-sex marriage) but the country still has a huge problem with anti-queer violence. Earlier this month, a Brazilian woman hired thugs to beat and stab her son to death for being gay.

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