156 LGBTQ Officials Send Letter to Trump for Equal Rights

156 LGBTQ Officials Send Letter to Trump for Equal Rights

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Today, 156 queer politicians sent an open letter to Donald Trump asking him to support LGBTQ rights.

The letter asked the president-elect to “deescalate the hostility and intolerance expressed by a small but vocal minority throughout the election season,” referring to the surge in hate crimes we’ve seen since the Trump campaign took off.

The letter also asked him to “appoint individuals with inclusive policy solutions that aim to better the lives of all Americans.” But with nominees like Jeff Sessions and Ben Carson, it doesn’t look likely.

The letter went on, urging Trump to “remain true to earlier statements promising to be a president supportive of our rights.” But Trump has already abandoned his pledges to his conservative supporters, so we can’t expect him to keep his word about LGBTQ rights either.

Signers of the letter include politicians from all levels of power all over the nation, from county clerks to senators.

The letter concluded:

We sincerely hope you aim to be a president for all Americans – including LGBT Americans of every race, ethnicity, gender and religion. As representatives of the LGBT community, we will hold your administration accountable for actions that infringe upon our rights and opportunities, and will oppose presidential appointees who denigrate or harm our community. But we much prefer to work with you to continue the incredible progress toward LGBT equality – to have you stand with us on the right side of history. We hope you voice your support for existing rights and protections for LGBT Americans, and commit to furthering LGBT equality during your presidency. We promise to be a strong and persistent voice for equality either way.

As the saying goes, “wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which piles up first.”

This is not a time for hope. It is a time for action. We need elected officials who do more than write polite letters to urine-soaked hate-mongers. We need politicians who will fight.

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