These 5 LGBTQ Podcasts Will Keep You Well-Rounded on Politics and Pop Culture

These 5 LGBTQ Podcasts Will Keep You Well-Rounded on Politics and Pop Culture

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If you’re a fan of longtime gay activist and sex columnist Dan Savage, you undoubtedly know about his sex advice podcast The Savage Lovecast. But you might not realize that he’s also a regular guest on the politics podcast Babblermouth and he has also launched a new podcast called Hot Mic in which special guests share their stories, songs and thoughts on relationships.

Anyone who enjoys Savage’s cultural commentary might want to know about these five other must-listen LGBTQ podcasts covering pop-culture, politics, history, music and more.


1. Nancy

Possibly one of the only LGBTQ podcasts to be hosted by two queer Asians, Tobin Low and Kathy Tu pour their earnestly dorky love of politics and pop-culture onto stories providing a closer look on everything from the first mainstream Asian gay porn star and Trump-supporting gay Republicans to the hit queer Broadway musical Fun Home and RuPaul’s love of performance art.


2. Making Gay History

To prepare for the publication of his 2002 book Making Gay History, historian Eric Marcus recorded surprisingly candid interviews with numerous older and deceased veterans of the LGBTQ rights movement including people like trans Stonewall activist Sylvia Rivera, gay rights pioneer Frank Kameny, gay film historian Vito Russo and many more.


3. The Read

Queer co-hosts Kid Fury and Crissle serve steaming cups of hot T as they dish comedy and truth on their favorite (and most hated) bits of entertainment. Their shows run long — we’re talking three hours — but their banter makes for good listening. Plus, over their four years of shows, they’ve interviewed folks like LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow and Star Trek: The Next Generation and covered everything from Game of Thrones, the Kardashians to “Noprah Winfrey.”


4. Homoground

As we’ve said numerous times before, it can be difficult to identify up-and-coming queer musicians because so many prefer not to be pigeonholed as LGBTQ artists. Luckily, longtime audiophiles at Homoground have featured more than 400 LGBTQ and allied bands with the goal of increasing exposure and access to queer music, especially to those of us who live in isolated areas.


5. Pod Save the People

Openly gay host and Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson has long been popular on Twitter for his thoughts on intersectional politics and social inequality, but he’s brought his insights into a massively popular podcast featuring interviews with political giants like Edward Snowden, Keith Ellison and Carolyn DeWitt as they discuss how to save American communities in the unrelenting face of oppression.



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