The Liberal Redneck Surprised His Straight Pals by Taking Them to a Gay Nudist Camp (Video)

The Liberal Redneck Surprised His Straight Pals by Taking Them to a Gay Nudist Camp (Video)

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Comedian Trae Crowder, a YouTube-lebrity better known as the Liberal Redneck, first came to fame one year ago for his video criticizing North Carolina’s transphobic “bathroom bill.” But in his latest video, he and his two friends go to what they think is a campsite for “gay conservationists” but what actually turns out to be a camp for gay “naturists” (or nudists). Comedy and genitals ensue.


What happens in the Liberal Redneck gay nudist video

Looking out at the vast forest isolating the camp in the middle of the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, Crowder comments, “It looks like teenagers get murdered here. It’s pretty though.”

The men soon discover the true nature of the Gay Naturists International get-together when their host shows up with his genitals hanging out.

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Crowder’s two associates seem uncomfortable. When he asks them why they have a problem with it, one replies, “I don’t have a problem with it. I don’t have a problem with hot tubs, but if you just throw me in one in my clothes, I’m gonna be like ‘What the fuck is going on?’”

Well put, non-naked guy.

Crowder responds, “We talk a lot of shit about being liberals and we’re open-minded and all that stuff, so you know…. how liberal are we really?”

The men conclude that it’s time to “put the weiners where our mouths are.”


Here’s the Liberal Redneck gay nudist video:


You can learn a lot from the Liberal Redneck gay nudist video

Even though Crowder has been hired to perform a comedy set at the camp, the camp has all sorts of other activities like leather working, “nekkid tennis” and celebrating the body erotic. And the men quickly become accustomed to everyone’s nudity.

“Even as a straight dude,” one comedian says, “it takes about three minutes before, all of sudden, you just don’t even see dicks anymore…. It’s like how you can always see your nose but your brain tunes it out because you see it all the goddamn time.”

In his comedy set, Crowder claims that he once worried that his son was going to come out to him as an Alabama football fan, but that he only ended up coming out as gay, making Crowder grateful because he was afraid his son’s admission “was going to be something serious.”

Even though Pennsylvania is more northern that its truly southern neighboring states below, large swaths of the state are still deeply rural and conservative. And some of the gay naturists feel that they’re most themselves when they can shed all their clothes and just be naked around other non-judgmental gay men. Similarly, the Liberal Rednecks feel much more themselves when surrounded by others who share their political views.

Crowder and his heterosexual cohorts can blend in more naturally in the south because of their race, sexual orientation and thick southern accents, but, as they say, “it turns out you can be liberal and ashamed of yourself” when surrounded by others unlike you.

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Oh, and if you’re wondering, the Rednecks end the video by getting naked and playing ping-pong — homosexuality, male nudity and humanity triumph again!

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